New location opening in May.  Accepting priority reservations.

New location opening in May.  Accepting priority reservations.

Frequently Asked Question

Let Us Answer Your Questions

We know you have questions about how to help your loved one during this transitional time. Below we have answered a few common questions to help guide you when you’re deciding which senior home in Washington, Missouri is best for your family member.

How will I know assisted living or memory care will benefit my loved one?
Aspen Valley can provide assistance if loved ones are experiencing difficulty with daily activities or routine forgetfulness that is affecting their ability to safely live independently.  Aspen Valley may be the right choice for your loved one.  Please call us with any questions or for a consultation about our memory services in Washington, MO.
What is assisted living?

At our facility in Washington, 24 hour assisted living services are available. Assisted Living is ideal for seniors who require assistance with activities of daily living (such as dressing, bathing, toileting, eating, transferring) or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (such as medication management, meal preparation, laundry, or housekeeping).

What is memory care?

Memory care offers specialized and dedicated care to those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

My loved one is feeling anxious about moving into assisted living. How can I help ease anxiety?

We understand that this transition is difficult for some seniors. We encourage in-person visits to our senior home in Washington, MO, so that they can see firsthand the level of comfort and independence they will have.

What is the cost of an assisted living or memory care facility?

Aspen Valley Senior Homes offers an all-inclusive rate that is not dependent on the level of assistance needed. If your loved one needs memory services in Washington, MO, you can count on us for affordable and compassionate care. 

What services are included in that cost?

Help with activities of daily living, meals, snacks, activities, laundry, and housekeeping. We encourage residents to participate in daily activities as much as they desire. We strive to maximize each resident’s independence in daily decisions and activities.

Is medication management provided?

Yes, we provide medication management.  With doctor approval, residents may self administer their own medications.

How do meals and snacks work?

We provide full meals in a family atmosphere. Our senior home in Washington, Missouri also ensures healthy snacks and drinks are readily available. We strive to meet the dietary needs of each resident.

How is Aspen Valley different?

Aspen Valley is a 14-bed home in Washington with 24 hour assisted living support. Our home has an open concept that provides a family atmosphere. Each resident will have the choice of private or semi-private bedrooms where he/she is welcome to bring items from home for his/her comfort and enjoyment.